Shenzhen Fenglinshun Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological manufacturer integrating R&D, production, processing and sales of protective film materials, industrial tape materials, electronic auxiliary materials and new materials. As a comprehensive solution supplier for multi-functional coated composite materials in the province, with strong R&D, production and rapid market response ability, we can provide high-quality and high-performance precise adhesive coated materials products and technical solutions for customers according to the different needs of the market and customers by taking advantage of our own technical advantages. Through continuous development and innovation, many achievements have been made in technology and production. It is a leading manufacturer of adhesives in terms of adhesives material configuration, coating polymerization, precise coating technology and technology industrialization scheme.

Shenzhen Fenglinshun Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the leader and explorer of the adhesive tape industry, promoting the sustainable development of the broader adhesive products industry. We provide high quality, innovative, safe and environmentally friendly products, including solutions and services for adhesives used in various industries. Has passed ISO14000, ISO 9001, EU ROSH and other international standards certification. As an important part of Shuocheng Group, we focus on the high-end market of tape and other specialized market segments, and strive to share the growth value with customers, suppliers and other relevant parties.

The company's products are widely sold to high-end technology markets in the electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, construction, manufacturing and packaging industries in China and overseas. With our continuous accumulation of experience, market planning, innovation and technology, we have gradually become the leading supplier in the domestic industry and one of the important production and R&D bases in China.

Guided by science and technology and product innovation, aiming at meeting customers'needs, since its inception in 2010, the company has adhered to the development strategy of taking PVC calendered film as the basis of development and PVC composite decorative materials as the core. Through the continuous establishment of scientific, standardized and perfect mechanism of scientific research and product innovation, the company has firmly adhered to the policy of taking market and meeting customers' needs as the core after nearly 10 years. Together, let us be proud to be the technology leader and leader of all kinds of new products in the industry.